Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fish Story Life's Mystery Solved

Today was a bike day! I feel like it was a good ride. I rode with Tony inside Pelican Sound 2 loops.

Bright Sun/Clear - I started before sunrise
Temp: 74
Humidity 82%
Winds Calm -from Southeast

Ave Pace 3:32
Ave speed 16.9
Best Speed 25.2
Distance 19.3 miles
Ave Heart Rate 135
Time in zone 3 42:22
Total Time 1:13

Mystery Solved

In yesterdays post I mention the mystery of the catfish. How in the world would a catfish get in the gutter? Tony stopped to put the fish back into the lake and noticed talon marks on his back. Apparently a hawk, who was seen in a tree nearby, snatched the fish out of the lake. The fish while being carried in the air by the hawk wiggled enough that the hawk dropped the catfish near the mud puddle where he was rescued by Tony. Well done Tony!


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