Thursday, August 05, 2004


Well my sugery is finally over. They removed the lump from my flank, just over where my kidney should be on the left side but there isn't a kidney there either. The surgeon said the growth was much larger than he expected, about the size of a football. The procedure took 2 hours. I wasn't expecting full anesthesia, even now a week later my throat is sore from the airway they used. Now the waiting game until I get the report from the lab.

It's been a slow recovery. I had hoped I would just jump right back into my training, however I have been rather tired and it is hard to get back to the same levels. Here what I've done so far this week of course swimming is out for now:

  • Monday Run Goal 5 miles Actual 3 miles
  • Tuesday Ride Goal 25 miles Actual 18 miles
  • Wednesday Run Goal 7 miles Actual 3.5 miles
  • Thursday Ride Goal 25 miles Actual 15 miles

Today while riding my rear derailer was skipping so it's into the bike shop today. I hope I can get it done and back by the weekend which is suppose to be a long ride.