Monday, July 19, 2004

Rainy Weekend

It seems that we have had more than our share  of rain even though it is rainy season.  Saturday it rained off and on in the afternoon.  It was just enough rain so the I couldn't do any outdoor activities.  Fortunately I did my ride early in the day.
I rode the normal weekday route through Pelican Sound doing three loops for 30 miles.  Without some one to ride with (Tony is away) I find it hard to go on a long ride.  My goal was to go 35 miles since this was suppose to be a rest week. Without a partner and being so humid, I stopped after 30 miles.  Besides I was out of gaterade. 
I'm planning on doing the Publix Fitness Tri this coming Saturday. I don't feel ready for the swim.  Hopefully I feel better as I get closer to the start.  My goal is to do better than last time and not be the last one out of the water.

Weekly Totals:
          Bike 80 miles
          Swim 1500 yds
          Run 15 miles