Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Weakend Highlights

Boys and girls, there were few highlights this weakend! But here are a quick list of a few...

  • Friday evening went to Mr. Bill's thank you "party" - a politician friend who was elected as Councilman for Burrito Springs.
  • Saturday - slept in late 10 am - well I did get up at 5:30 but it was blowing and cold outside, to cold to ride, so I went back to bed.
  • Sunday - rode with the Bad Ass Coffee Flatlanders - while I didn't get dropped at the airport, I did see that Nurse Mark was missing so I went to look for him. Never did find him. Rode 45 miles, he last 15 by myself. Ave speed 20.1 mph.
  • Sunday night - had a great fire in the outdoor fireplace!
  • Monday - ran with Tony rather than our usual Monday ride, Tony had an early appointment and we are doing the Gobble - Gobble Run on Turkey Day.
This week promises to be fun! Again a quick hit list:

  • Getting ready for the kids who are coming Friday for the weakend
  • Decorating for Christmas - prior to my birthday!
  • Doing the Gobble Gobble Run on Thursday
A quick health update, again a quick hit list:

  • The one of the recent biopsy on my back came back positive!
  • I have surgery on Dec. 2.
  • My boss wants me back at work right away!
  • I have a tooth ache.
  • The dentist wants clearance from my brain surgeon before doing anything. So it will wait until after my surgery.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold, Colder, COLDEST

The weakend started out pretty good with the usual Saturday morning ride with the Bad Ass Coffee ride. the temp cooled off to a nice 60* at ride time. While I did get dropped off the A ride, the B ride ended up being pretty fast. English Richard, came back to check on Joanna in the B group and ended up pulling the entire route! He was like a machine pulling at 23 to 25 mph. It was great until I had to pull along the Mall Road....

After the ride, 42 miles, I did a quick 3 mile run. My calf muscles felt like they were going to cramp. Go figure.

Sunday was cold with a heavy (sailing term) wind form the Northeast! The temp as 52* but with the wind it felt colder. (We need a reef in the mainsail and a working jib). The A group started out at 22 mph INTO THE WIND and sure enough, I got dropped before the University hill climb.

Monday was the COLDEST. It was 45*! Tony did a no show but the Million Dollar Doctor, Steve had his new winter riding kit! Wow, best $500 he ever spent! We did the normal Monday ride for 25 miles.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finaly Friday - Wolf Dog

I have written about the problem we are having with Coyote's in the Wiley Coyote Eats Cat post. But now there is a new problem Wolf-dog's! A wolf-dog is just that, part wolf and part dog. Wednesday, Lee County Animal Services caught a wolf-dog, placed it inside their van in a cage. The animal broke the steel cage and then the hinge on the van window to escape!

So now the hunt is on to find the wolf-dog. The local media is doing live shots in and around the area of the siting of the wolf-dog. But wait, for there's the upper left of the live shot as the wolf-dog makes a cameo appearance!

This week ends with my Friday ride... I was joined by Tony, Dr. Steve and a first time on the weekday ride Jen! Just a quick 25 miles.

Now swimming this weakend---ugh! but Saturday & Sunday with the Bad Ass Coffee riders.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To My Bank...

Dear Sirs,
In view of what seems to be happening
internationally with banks at the moment,
I was wondering if you could advise me.

If one of my checks is returned marked
"insufficient funds," how do I know

whether that refers to me or ... to you.?

Quick Update

Yes, I'm still alive. I know some of you have hoped otherwise! I had two more tumors removed last Wednesday. I'm recovering nicely THANK YOU! I see the dermatologist/oncologist/surgeon next Wednesday. Then on to the brain surgeon and eye doctor for repeat testing, ugh! Hopefully there will be a time when I don't have to see a doctor!

Congrats to Tony who did the Ride Across Florida on Sunday. Only 175 miles. Next year count me in!

Saturday and Sunday's ride was a little weak well a lot weak.... I'm not allowed to swim for a while.

  • Saturday - I started out with the A group. I thot I might get dropped at the first overpass- the only hill in the area is an overpass over interstate 75. As it was I kept up with the group for the next 10 miles when I got caught by a traffic light, the peleton went thru I got stopped because I was at the back of the pack. I finished the ride alone for a total of 40 miles average 19.7 mph.
  • Sunday - Both groups start together on Sundays with the split coming after the two parking garages at FGCU. The B group consisted of Nurse Payne and myself. So it was into the wind and a hard go. At the airport (RSW) we turned back to have a wonderful ride back at 26 mph! Why can't the wind always be at our back?
  • Monday - the usual ride with Nurse Payne 25 miles
  • Tuesday - was a run day with Tony. he was all recovered from his Ride Across Florida but I was feeling a little funky
  • Wednesday - the ususal ride Nurse Payne, Tony and Dr. Steve but Tony got a small wire caught in his chain which broke. ugh
  • Thurday - the usual run alone 4 miles.
Thanks KONA SHELLY for stopping by.... she just completed Ironman # 9 at Florida Ironman! Read all about it here... IRONM4N.