Monday, September 15, 2008

Training Update

It has been a slow week training wise. Last Tuesday and Wednesday we had the rain bands from Ike, so it mess things up a little. But here is a quick overview of the week that was:


BIKE - the weakday course
Just a quick 25 miles before work with Tony and Mark (Nurse Payne). The course we use is the Weakday Course which starts at William Road Circle behind the new Coconut Point Mall thru the Brooks via Coconut Blvd then down to Bonita Springs via Three Oaks Parkway (all bike lanes). We go thru some side streets to downtown Bonita Springs to Terry Street then back to the parkway which becomes a SPRINT ZONE thru the Brooks and finally the Mall and a final SPRINT ZONE to the circle.
Total Bike Miles 25

I hit the pool after work for a few laps to give me 3,000 yards. Yea I know Mark Phelps does 8,000 as a warm up. but I'm old and he is a kid and 3,000 is enough for me. Total Swim 3,000 yards

RUN - the Tuesday Light Pole Course
I start out at 6:45 and meet Tony somewhere between my house and his. After two miles warm up we do light pole sprints... Sprint from one light pole to the next then jog to the next light pole and so forth for 2 miles then run a light 2 miles to finish back at my house. Total Run Miles 6

Another swim after work...see above.
Total Swim 3,000 yards


RIDE - the Weakday Course
Well it was suppose to be a ride morning as above but it was raining. It rained most of the nite, stuff from Ike So I went back to bed. Actually I got ready to run and just as I stepped out the door the heavens opened in this massive downpour! so I went back into the house, got a shower and went to work!
Total Ride Miles NONE

I know I spelled it wrong. It's just that is what I end up doing. Waiting. Moving from one machine to the next in the fitness center. I have to wait my turn! But I did some waits.


RUN - the easy run course
This run and every Thursday run is a lone run. Just a slow easy run 6 miles is all I have time for to make it back for a shower and off to work by 8:30.
Total Run Miles 6

Another boring swim in the pool....
Total Swim 3,000 yards


BIKE - the weakday course
I was up late talking on the phone to a friend who is dying of cancer. It started in her kidney. She never smoked, always exercised and ate well. Now cancer has gone to her brain and she can't walk. She is hoping to live until her grandson's wedding in November, but it doesn't look promising. Of course she is afraid of dying and has no hope of an after life.

So while talking with her, I was upset and drank to much wine and could not get out of bed...well I got up to ride but promptly went back to bed.


BIKE - Saturday Bad Ass Course
Saturday is the weakly Saturday ride with Bad Ass Flatlanders Cycling Team. We do a ride similar to the above Monday ride but add a few more miles thru Bonita Spring making my total which includes riding from my house to the Bad Ass Coffee parking lot, for the ride of 40 miles. My average speed is 21 to 22... according to my bike puter.. The SPRINT ZONES are the killers though. I usually get dropped.

I got a call from my friend Jack saying the gulf had 4' to 6' waves. He was heading out to surf but my swim was canceled. UGH! I didn't feel like the pool again!


Sanibel Light

BIKE- Captive Island Ride
The Bad Ass gang was going to Sanibel then on to Captiva Island. A great ride of 80 miles plus. the ride accross the causeways is spectacular! I usually start out with them for the first half then leave the group to ride alone in aero but.... The group had 4 flats in the first 8 miles of the ride!

SO I left the group earlier and rode along only to have a FLAT! I changed the tube, started of only to flat again! UGH! Now I had no spare tube... what to do. Walk of course! So I started walking home. Along the way a guy stopped to give me a spare tube.... but I still needed an CO2 canister... so continue walking. I saw a guy who works at a LBS that I don't frequent any more since they put inferior parts on my Roo ride by on is bikle. He waived. Thanks Alex. It took me an hour and a half to walk/run home with my bike.

Total Bike miles.... 35 miles plus 7miles walking/jogging

Sunday run was canceled because of lack of interest from the above walking/jogging home to fix my bike.

OK here is what you've been waiting for Totals

Bike: 125
Run: 12
Swim: 9,000 yards
Waits: 1 time

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