Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wiley Coyote Eats Cat

We have been having a problem with coyotes. Recently a man near my home while walking his Shits-on-you dog (no not Collie and Coffee Drinker) was attacked by Wiley Coyote. Wiley Coyote it seems, thought the Shits-on-you was a snack on a string. The man beat off the coyote with his cane (read the story here).

In the video above the poor kitty, Caesar, had an uncaring owner who left Caesar out all night only to wander into Wiley Coyote.

The moral of the story, Wiley Coyote is hungry and is moving into populated areas. Don't leave your animals out or they will be lunch orin Caesar's case, a midnight snack!


Deene said...

i believe they've had similar incidents here as well. urban sprawl is taking the wild out of coyotes, mtn lions and bears out here.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Poor kitty. Too bad it had stupid owners.