Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Happening.....

Here's quick update on What's Happ'n Now!

  • Rode Saturday with Bad Ass cycling group --- +/- 20 riders who meet at Bad Ass Coffee in Estero. Good ride of 40 miles got dropped on the Sprint- hey 31 is to fast.
  • Rode Sunday with BA --- well the first 20 miles then rode alone in aero as much as possible finished with 56 on the meter.
  • Rode Monday with Tony - btw he has new Zipp 404's - a little tired, well a lot tired but got 25 miles in with an ave of 21 mph.
  • Ran Tuesday -today - ran 8 miles and plan on swimming for an hour later tonight.
  • Ride 25 tomorrow and play company golf with a client.
  • Run and Swim on Thursday
  • Ride the "Drop the Brit Ride" or 80 mile Ava Maria Ride for the 4th

On the health front:

  • no new melanoma since my surgery last Oct 2007
  • Declared cancer free by oncologist in Dec 2007
  • Brain tumor declared - "the thing in your brain" by Brain Surgeon in Jan 2008 (meaning he doesn't know what it is or he doesn't know what to do or he's just crazy.


Cliff said...


If you are riding,it means you are doing well :0)

Have a good Independence Day.

Oldman said...

thanks cliff....
yes I'm riding and running and swimming and.... but just not enough

Deene said...

Hey Oldman! good to hear a post from you. Hope things continue to go well for you.

Flatman said...

Great to hear some updates!