Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From Survivor Back to Patient

Well I was cancer free for 7 months, not as long as the last time, 2 years, but it seems that I have a "green thumb" and can really grow tumors. This time it was only 7 months after being declared cancer free by my docs and 3 months from my last melanoma body scan check up.

I noticed on my calendar at home that it has been 4 years since my first cancer and lymphoma surgery. So I guess it has worked out better than it has for a friend I met, he lasted 8 months after his melanoma diagnosis and pasted away. I find it hard to say he "died", but like saying "I have cancer" I guess it gets easier..... have you noticed if you say you have breast cancer you get all kinds of support but skin cancer well that's no big deal hey it's only skin caner. Only melanoma is the fastest growing cancer.

I have changed my banner...did you notice.

The problem I'm having is a pain in my..... back. One of the biopsies was rather deep and IT HURTS! Well no matter, it is going to hurt more as I have to schedule wide excisions of both sites... they take out more tissue in the size of a large biscuit to examine how far the cancer has spread, how deep the tumor is/was and then proceed to the next step. The kids are coming to visit for the month of August, so I guess they can get me to and from the surgery and tend my dressings.

On the training front, I had an OK run this morning. Just a few miles in the humid heat. It just finished raining as I left for my run. I did get some pool time in yesterday with a fairly good bike so I guess an OK run is well OK.


Flatman said...

Stay strong Oldman...we're rooting for ya!

Brent Buckner said...


Fingers crossed for good outcome.