Monday, October 26, 2009

H2Audio Waterproof case for iPod Shuffle

I bought one of these....Well it was for the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle. This picture is for the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle. Since I get bored swimming laps or in the gulf swimming buoys I thought this might help. It is from a company called H2O Audio that make all kinds of waterproof cases for iPods including a case for the iPod for scuba divers..... why would you need to answer the phone at 100ft below the surface? I'm just saying...

H2O Audio are really nice people. I tried several times to order the case online but couldn't get their site to work. After calling their order line I had a great guy (can't rememebr his name but I think it was Phil) helped me and solve the shipping and it was here in just a few days.

I used it last Thursday for the first time and again today and I must say it is great! Why did I do this sooner? Now I can listen to Louis Armstrong, Dean MArtin, and Queen while sewimming.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joe FrielBlog: Seasonal Summary

As you know by now (well maybe not) I’m a fan of Joe Friel. He has written the TrainingBible, has some great things on his website and has a great blog. While for those of us in Florida the season is not over, this is a good time to reflect on the upcoming final Tri's and the next year's races. Follow the linky Joe Friel's Blog: Seasonal Summary or here is a copy and paste of his post.

Seasonal Summary

Success in sport is just like success in any other aspect of your life. One of the requirements is careful planning. Deciding where you want to go in the future begins with knowing where you have been in the past. Recognizing trends and evaluating what you’ve been doing are both important steps on the path to racing better next year. This process can be accomplished in several ways. Talking with your coach or a trusted training partner is probably the best way. But lacking such people in your sporting life you can still accomplish the same end by answering some key questions. Here are some I often use. Your answers can lead in many different directions. Ultimately, the reason for such an exercise is to give you more focus when it comes to training and racing. It may even help you to decide why it is you devote so much of your life to training.

Here are five questions to answer at the end of your race season and before starting to prepare for the coming season:

1. What was the high point of your season? Why does this stand out for you? Was it what you thought it would be at the start of the season?

2. What was your greatest disappointment? Why did this happen? Is there anything you could have done to have avoided it?

3. Looking back, do you think you trained as wisely and as hard as you could have trained?

4. What is the one thing you most need to work on for next season in order to perform better?

5. What would you most like to accomplish next season? Is it a good stretch and yet within your reach if you do things right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tour de France Party Friday

Friday nite our cycling group The Estero Flatlanders had a fund raiser for the Naples Shelter for Abused Women. It was held at a new wine bar in the Coconut Point Mall called The Grape!

Here is Tony 171 - famous for his ride across Florida 171 miles but that title will change short (more in another post). He's a Brit you can tell because of the accent.

There was plenty of food and wine so the Flatlanders of course had a good time!

Even Preacher Todd and his wife were able to join us.

Also in attendance were a few rowdy folk - Pat and Pat and Matt

British Mark brought along his girl friend. You can tell he's a Brit too!

Some of our long lost cyclist were in attendance - Richard and Joanna and Pam

The important thing is money was raise for a good cause while everyone had fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Curse of Ziegfried the Tumbless

OK I know I did the race. I crossed the finishing line. I didn't dream this or imagine it. However no results posted on the Naples Fitness Challenge Website for me. You see I suffer from the Curse of Ziegfried the Thumbless.

Ziegfried was a Viking who offended the King and thus was cursed by said King, sentenced to have his thumbs cut off. Do you know how hard it is to work with out thumbs? Thumbs are used for almost everyting we do. Test this by trying to pick up a cup of coffee without your thumb.

Now this curse was passed down the family line via my father's family (my mothers family are American indian). It affects everything in life such as when you buy something a part missing or broken, the new car will be a lemon, and usually whatever it is it will break at the WRONG time! If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have luck.

So that brings us to the email from the Naples Fitness Challenge Race Director, Linda Gregory:

Thank you very much for participating in The 23rd Annual Fitness Challenge Triathlon.

I hope you had a great time.

We did have some timing issue with one wire on the transition area being cut by biking shoes and the finish timing device being unplugged accidental on the beach by spectators.

So some athletes will not have finish time listed. The FINISH TIME AFFECTED were from 1 hour 23 minutes to 1 hour 32 minutes this can be fixed and we can get your time listed in our final results. Thank you for your patience.

O well there it is again, The Curse of Ziegfreid the Thumbless

Friday, June 05, 2009

Naples Fitness Challenge

This Sunday bright and early is the Naples Fitness Challenge. I went today at lunch with my friend Jack to pick up my race packet. To my surprise there was a water bottle along with a tee- shirt. Who would have thot that would be in the packet (OK I'll wear the shirt once or twice but trash the water bottle).

So this is the first time in along time that I haven't been recovering from surgery or on some kind of doctor's restriction so hopefully I'll do well! I've been doing open water swimming with Jack, who is training for Ironman Kona (yes I'm jealous) so my weakest sport has become strong I hope!

Update on Monday with pics.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wiggins Pass Swim

My friend Jack WON (lucky bastard) a slot for Kona Ironman, however in order to valid the slot he must complete another Ironman race, either a half or full Ironman. Of course Jack is doing a half this summer. So he has been swimming in the Gulf to get ready. Jack invited me to swim along. so today I met Jack at the parking lot of Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples at 7:15 for a quick swim.

The water was a cool 84* with slight rollers so we stared out into the current with the rollers to our back left and it was a tough 1/4 mile swim...into the current. I had forgotten to sight so I started out by swimming in a circle. I realized the error of my direction, stopped, regrouped and started over again. I then sighted every 50 strokes only to find Jack puling away from me!

The turn around found us going with the current so it was a very easy relaxing swim back to the start, kinda like swimming down hill! The only problem... I have a salty water taste in my mouth.

Tonight will be quick 5 mile run!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Livestrong Army Video

Here is a video I thot everyone would like to see.


OK I know it has been a long time away again. I can tell your from personal experience that Melanoma is no fun! I think it affects every aspect of your life specially your head! But then having a brain tumor I have an excuse! I am weekly checking my body for another tumor and have a few "spots" I'm watching even though my doc says they are nothing to worry about. I see my dermatologist next month so we shall see.... but no surgery until after St. Anthony's Tri April 26.

I've been training but not as regular as I should. I seem to get to a certain point then have another surgery and fall back. So now that I have been CANCER FREE for 3 MONTHS I am going to get on track. (Also I am just getting to the end of the medical bills). I've been swimming trying to get back into a training groove.

I've registered for the Naples Fitness Challenge and will be doing the Beach Bum 5k this weakend. I'm looking at doing the 8 race series Publix Family Fitness Triathlon Series but maybe I need a sponsor.

The weak in review

Mon - Wed - Fri = 25 mile morning bike ave speed 20.1
Tues - Thurs = 6 mile run ave pace - slow
Thurs = 30 min swim
Sat = golf
Sun = 45 mile bike with Badass Flatlanders (got dropped of course)