Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de France Party

Hey any excuse to party! Everyone is welcome.


Sherry said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's always nice to read "local" blogs. Thanks for the invites as well. I'll have to make it down there one of these days. I actually do ride (and run) in Estero now & then. :o)

BTW, great cancer info. I often wish that there was some way that I could GLUE sunscreen on myself.

Sherry said...

Back again!

Velocadence! I had to look up the link! So that's what Matt's up to! Believe it or not, he sold me my very first road bike when he was working at Trek. Then... poof... he was gone! He was such a cool guy... now my husband and I will HAVE to catch up with all of you. :o)

Oldman said...


you need to ride or swim at Wiggins Pass (Tues or Thur 7a) to get the whole story. We use to ride from Trek but due to the treatment of Matt by the owner of the Trek store we have all left Trek and now ride from Bad Ass Coffee.