Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Inviting Someone to Ride - Chris Lieto

OK... I'm driving home from work last nite minding my own business when I see a guy riding a tri-bike turn into our community driveway. So being the friendly person that I am, I pull up along side roll down my window (I was running the AC for those up north) and say Hi.

Now the guy is riding a nice Trek TT bike wearing Discovery Channel shorts and a K-Swiss aero top. Nice wheel set too! He looks pretty fit but not as fit as Tony or Jack.

So I proceed to invite him to ride with us tomorrow at 7 am meeting at the Walgreen's at Williams Road. Hey it is 25 miles of fun then again on Friday plus Sat a ride of 45 miles and Sunday a 100 miler. He says I ride pretty fast... No problem we have a 28 mph plus group that will give you a good workout. He replies "I can pull at 28 for about an hour and a half....I train with Lance!" O... well come out anyway we would love to have you...BTW how are you? "I'm a Triathelete..." Kewl... we have a lot of people that rain here you will fit right in. I live on Masters Circle..." "I'm staying on Southern Hills Drive... I'm doing a local triathlon this weekend"... Great hope to see you out...

So I invited 3 times Ironman winner including US Ironman and 2nd place at Ironman Kona 2009 holder of of the FASTEST time on the bike Chris Lieto to ride with the Estero Flatlanders. I just hope he can keep up with us!