Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Bad Day

Well perhaps I should just take the weak off? You do remember Sunday and the long walk home? Well I rode on Monday the usual and flatted again! Only this time Tony and I changed the tube and continued on to finish our 25 mile ride....even had the last sprint in which Tony was to tired to participate..well 80 miles on Sunday will do that to you!

Last night after the Tuesday Nite Swim, I worked on the bike. Checked the tire inside, put new rim tape on the rim. checked inside and out put in a new tube, checked again.....

This morning got ready to ride and POP.... another flat only this time in the drive way. There is a small puncture on the sidewall. That must be it...

So today at lunch I went to the bike store to buy a tire... 52.95 Continental 4000 blue wall tire. So tonight it's replace the tire night!

Work has also become somewhat of a nightmare. I'm tiring to get IRS Form 5500's done for 15 of my plans. They are due to be mailed to my clients by Oct. 1.. so crunch time is on!

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Deene said...

flat tire is not good but catching it in the drive is not bad either.