Friday, November 14, 2008

Finaly Friday - Wolf Dog

I have written about the problem we are having with Coyote's in the Wiley Coyote Eats Cat post. But now there is a new problem Wolf-dog's! A wolf-dog is just that, part wolf and part dog. Wednesday, Lee County Animal Services caught a wolf-dog, placed it inside their van in a cage. The animal broke the steel cage and then the hinge on the van window to escape!

So now the hunt is on to find the wolf-dog. The local media is doing live shots in and around the area of the siting of the wolf-dog. But wait, for there's the upper left of the live shot as the wolf-dog makes a cameo appearance!

This week ends with my Friday ride... I was joined by Tony, Dr. Steve and a first time on the weekday ride Jen! Just a quick 25 miles.

Now swimming this weakend---ugh! but Saturday & Sunday with the Bad Ass Coffee riders.

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Kona Shelley said...

Hee hee..that video made me smile..okay..and 52 is NOT cold..sheesh!!!!