Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick Update

Yes, I'm still alive. I know some of you have hoped otherwise! I had two more tumors removed last Wednesday. I'm recovering nicely THANK YOU! I see the dermatologist/oncologist/surgeon next Wednesday. Then on to the brain surgeon and eye doctor for repeat testing, ugh! Hopefully there will be a time when I don't have to see a doctor!

Congrats to Tony who did the Ride Across Florida on Sunday. Only 175 miles. Next year count me in!

Saturday and Sunday's ride was a little weak well a lot weak.... I'm not allowed to swim for a while.

  • Saturday - I started out with the A group. I thot I might get dropped at the first overpass- the only hill in the area is an overpass over interstate 75. As it was I kept up with the group for the next 10 miles when I got caught by a traffic light, the peleton went thru I got stopped because I was at the back of the pack. I finished the ride alone for a total of 40 miles average 19.7 mph.
  • Sunday - Both groups start together on Sundays with the split coming after the two parking garages at FGCU. The B group consisted of Nurse Payne and myself. So it was into the wind and a hard go. At the airport (RSW) we turned back to have a wonderful ride back at 26 mph! Why can't the wind always be at our back?
  • Monday - the usual ride with Nurse Payne 25 miles
  • Tuesday - was a run day with Tony. he was all recovered from his Ride Across Florida but I was feeling a little funky
  • Wednesday - the ususal ride Nurse Payne, Tony and Dr. Steve but Tony got a small wire caught in his chain which broke. ugh
  • Thurday - the usual run alone 4 miles.
Thanks KONA SHELLY for stopping by.... she just completed Ironman # 9 at Florida Ironman! Read all about it here... IRONM4N.

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Kona Shelley said...

Thanks Oldman..i'm just so happy to see you posting again..:-))