Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold, Colder, COLDEST

The weakend started out pretty good with the usual Saturday morning ride with the Bad Ass Coffee ride. the temp cooled off to a nice 60* at ride time. While I did get dropped off the A ride, the B ride ended up being pretty fast. English Richard, came back to check on Joanna in the B group and ended up pulling the entire route! He was like a machine pulling at 23 to 25 mph. It was great until I had to pull along the Mall Road....

After the ride, 42 miles, I did a quick 3 mile run. My calf muscles felt like they were going to cramp. Go figure.

Sunday was cold with a heavy (sailing term) wind form the Northeast! The temp as 52* but with the wind it felt colder. (We need a reef in the mainsail and a working jib). The A group started out at 22 mph INTO THE WIND and sure enough, I got dropped before the University hill climb.

Monday was the COLDEST. It was 45*! Tony did a no show but the Million Dollar Doctor, Steve had his new winter riding kit! Wow, best $500 he ever spent! We did the normal Monday ride for 25 miles.

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