Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Seeing the Surgeon Today!

Bad picture of my stiches Posted by Hello

I am going to the today for my post-op visit. Hopefully the surgeon will remove the stiches from the 12in incision. Also I have noticed lately that there is a lot of fluid where the growth use to be. What's up with that? The other questions are: "Can I start swimming again and can I use sunscreen over the incision? And of course is it cancer again?" I guess they would have called me or the oncologist if it was cancer/melanoma.

Today was a run day but I didn't feel like running. I did the short course of 3 miles in 33 minutes ugh!

Bright Sunshine - watched the sunrise
Temp 79
Humidity 78%
Winds Calm SSE

Ave Pace 9'55"
Distance 3 miles
Time in Zone 1:26
Ave Heart Rate 112

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