Monday, September 26, 2005

Fluid Weekend

My fluid weekend started with party a the golf club. No particular theme other than it was Friday...of the usual fluids, Guinness, were consumed along with dinner. I did meet few new people. No single females however... it is hard in a couples community.

My fluid weekend continues into Saturday morning. I pushed the fluids, gatorade, to start my LSD run well hydrated. When I left the house at 6:30 if was already 76* and going to 91*, so I knew I would be in need of fluids. I did my long course which takes me thru the woods and along the golf course, I stopped to refill my bottles at the fitness center and age at the potty house...but the last 3 miles were HOT. I finished up my 15 miles at 8:45 just before the sun really got hot. I have be working on using the shade as much as possible.

After my shower and breakfast, Oldman's homemade banana nut-apricot muffins, I went to Bonita Beach. I had to get my propane tank refilled then over to the beach. The Red Tide, an algae that kills the fish and causes lung irritation in humans, was gone. So I swam at Doc's Beach House for 1:30 minutes. I go into the current for 45 minutes then swim back. Since I was hungry again I ate lunch at Doc's , Philly Cheese Steak and Fries and a pitcher of beer. I spent the rest of the afternoon lazing at home around the pool. I did make a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli over pasta in a basil cream sauce with Oldman's homemade bread.

Sunday was my long ride with Tony. Once again I tried to push the fluids to keep well hydrated. We did the Coconut Point ride. There were no dolphins at Coconut Point. On the way back there was quite a headwind which made for an interesting ride. We sprinted several times into the wind doing 1 minute sprints until my legs ached. I couldn't wait to get out of the wind! At the 45 mile mark I went past my house and that was it...I didn't want to go on so I dropped out. In the afternoon I walked 9 holes of golf, I broke 50 (48) but maybe if I played more I would score better. I made a meatloaf for dinner and now have enough leftovers to have for several days!

Weakly Totals

Swim 6,000 yards plus 1:30 open water
Run 32 miles
Bike 120 miles
9 holes of golf (is that really a sport?)


Flatman said...

What an awesome weekend!

D said...

What a busy and productive weekend! Nice job. Those Oldman banana nut muffins sound delicious! Thanks for the note. Yes - soooo many uphills. One of those races where you don't really notice the downhills because the uphills are so much more frequent (until the last 3 miles of lovely downhills!)

Comm's said...

wow I need more of what your drinking. awesome weekend and weakly totals.

LouBob said...

You better be posting recipes, you're making me hungry! Sounds like a VERY productive weekend!

Deene said...

basil cream sauce, you're making me drool.. so when will you be on the FoodNetwork?

Anonymous said...

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