Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wednesday on the Steel Monster

Yesterday I took my bike, Roo, to the bike shop to get the rear brake cable and the cadence meter fixed. They were quite busy even though it is "off-season" here in Naples. Glen said it would be Thursday before Clint could get to my bike. Ugh! While I was at the bike shop I looked around to see what Clint had on the floor. It looks like he is no longer selling Giants and Quintanna Roo's because all he has now are Trek bikes.

Since Roo was in the bike shop, I had to ride the Old Steel Monster. So last night I made a few adjustments, lubed the chain and brakes. This morning I was dreading riding the Old Steel Monster as I pumped up her tires. She seemed to do ok with no squeaks or complaints. When I met up with Tony I told him he should go on ahead without me since I was going slow and would hold him back. He said what do you mean slow your doing 18.5 mph! I looked at the speedo and he was right! I was surprised since I felt like I was going slow. It was a little windy because of Ivan off shore by 200 miles, but I was able to kept up with Tony, although I think he was holding back on the straight because of going into the wind.

So here's today's totals:

Sky Partly Cloudy
Temp 74
Humidity 68%
Wind: SSW 12 kts

Distance 21 miles
Ave Speed 17.2
Max Speed 23.0
Ave HR: 138
Time in Zone 3: 54 min
Ave HR in zone 3: 137
Overall time 1:14


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that "it's not about the bike"! The Roo is a fine machine, but in reality the bike is a very small part of the equation... the rider is what really matters.

I too am a 50+ guy with some athletic inclinations, so I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. Keep up the fine work!

-Dan Coy

Lockheed Hayheehoo Macedon said...

Old man? Hahah. You're not old. You're not that lucky.
Anyways, looking for leverage debt financiers for my hedgefund. Are you interested?

Matilda444 said...

I'm a part time Naples resident in need of a bike mechanic for my beloved but aging Trek Y5-0. Would you please share the name, address, phone number via email of your LBS. This next trip will be a quick one, so I would like to arrange to work ahead of time.


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