Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Catching Up

Since last Thursday a lot has happened. Joanne has had the flu and I've been trying not to catch it. Friday I did my normal 20 mile ride with Tony and I felt pretty good. We were suppose to go to Orlando for 4 days leaving on Sat but with Joanne ill, I thought it best that she rest on Sat and then take a leisurely ride up Sunday afternoon for her conference Monday and Tuesday. I was able to get a short 5 mile run in on Saturday and a 11 mile bike on Sunday.

So the weeks totals look like this:

Bike 86 miles
Run 15 miles
Swim 3300 yards

Not what my goal for the week was.

So knowing that I was going to be away Monday and Tuesday here are my weaks goals:

Bike 125 miles
Run 35 miles
Swim 6300 yards

I was able to ride a stationary bike at the Hotel on Monday and Tuesday as well as run on a dreadmill so I did 10 miles on the bike and 5 miles on the dreadmill each day. Today was a ride day. It was dark when I left the house and had to use my red blinky light. It fell off the saddle bag twice during my ride. That kinda messes up the ave speed. It was a pretty nice morning the humidity was less and there was a nice little breeze.

Sky Clear
Temp 74
Humidity 70%
Winds East 5 knts

Course: Pelican Sound Loop
Ave Speed 16.5
Max Speed 22.7
Distance 20 miles
Ave HR 130
Time in zone 3 56:40
Ave in HR in Zone 3 133

I've been riding in the big ring but still trying to keep a 90 BPM candence. So far it seems to work. I've also tried to each more as Chris Carmichael suggested in his book. I seem to have more energy.


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