Thursday, September 16, 2004

Thursday Ride

I didn't feel like running this morning, I plan to run tonight. So I rode my bike. Stephen who lives across the street from me, rode with me today. He has a nice Specialized road bike with aerobars. Once again I had the Old Steel Monster. Since I'm twice Stephens age, I was a little concerned about keeping up and also having the Old Steel Monster! But I guess he isn't riding very far in his training program since he coaches a local high school cross country team. During the first sprint he dropped me but the other three sprints I dropped him. I thought not bad for an oldman on an old bike.

I had a comment from Coach Dan (see comment below) telling me it's not the bike but the fitness of the rider that makes it happen. Well having ridden the Old Steel Monster now two days and feeling like I could still "hang with the boys" I guess Coach Dan is right. Thanks Coach!

Sky - Partly cloudy
Temp 76
Humidity 89%
Winds Light SSE

Pelican Sound Loop
Distance 21miles
Ave Speed 16.9
Max Speed 24.5
Ave HR 142
Ave HR in zone 3 139
Time in zone 23:54