Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Surf's Up!

We went to Ft. Myers Beach to see the damage from Charley and Frances. The surf was as rough as I have ever seen the Gulf. The winds were strong as well. We saw many homes damaged and destroyed from Charley. Any homes that had tarps on them were blown off by Frances and now are getting wet.

I feel out of wack! I haven't been able to ride since Fri due to Frances. Did the dreadmill thingie Sat & Sun, had to run instead of ride Mon because of Frances still hanging around with winds at 25 mph plus.

Today I started on my run and the heavens opened with a heavy downpour, lightening and thunder. I had to go back to the house to drop off the GPS and MP3 player.
It's along way to say I got 6 miles in thru the rain. But I feel like my schedule is all out of wack....plus I've not eaten right since fri so I don't have energy...I haven't slept well because of Frances waking me up...and now I learn the pool is closed due to Frances!

Totals w/e 9/5/04

Swim 3,000 yds
Bike 80 miles
Run 20 miles

Goals w/e 9/12/04

Swim 3,000 yds _ pool is closed
Bike 100 miles
Run 25 miles
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