Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ride and Yesterday’s Run

Yesterday I did my run but I felt bad. It was very humid and hot 79 and 90% humidity. I did 5 miles the Pelican Sound Loop and was hoping to do 7 since I missed running on Saturday. I felt so bad I didn't write about my run.... I did see a nice snake.

Today was a ride day. It somehow seemed cooler out. Perhaps fall is in the air. I caught up with Tony and we shared pulling duties. It was good to see on the straight-away he pooped out and I had to pull until I was breathing heavy and pooped.


SKY: Clear - bright sunshine at sunrise
TEMP: 75
WINDS: Light E -SE


Course: Pelican Sound Loop
Distance: 22 miles
Ave Speed: 17.9
Max Speed: 25.8
Ave HR: 135
Time in Zone 3: 43:30
Ave HR in Zone 3: 135
Overall Time: 1:09:16


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