Friday, September 03, 2004

Ride and Hurricane Prep

We are getting ready for Frances. She is across the state in the Atlantic but there are people that have left Miami to come here. The roads are crowded and there are no vacancies in any hotel or motel. The Tecco Arena (a local hurricane shelter) had 500 people this morning. Our office building is closing at 3 pm to get ready. So we have to leave at 2:30. Last nite I took in the furniture off the outside part of the liana. I'm hoping I will not have to move the furniture from the covered part. My boss wants to go play golf this afternoon since we have to close. He thinks we are going to miss the storm.

This morning was a ride day. While I was tired and my right leg ached a little I was able to get in the 20 miles. On the second pass along the straight-away, Tony pulled for the first half and then I did the last, we saw 27.01 mph. I wish I could maintain that pace throughout the ride.

Sky: Clear
Temp: 74
Humidity: 72%
Winds: 10 kts ENE


Course: Pelican Sound Loop
Distance: 20 miles
Ave. Speed: 17.9
Max Speed: 27.01
Ave HR: 102
Time in zone 3: 32
Ave HR in Zone 3: 135
Overall Time: I goofed with the watch again

Yesterday was a run day

Course: Golf Course
Distance 7 miles
Ave Pace 9:32
Ave HR - I goofed on the watched again

We are planning a 50 mile ride on Sunday and a 12 mile run on Saturday. I don't know what will happen with Frances coming. I can always run, even if it is on a dreadmill at the fitness center. But riding may be a problem.


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