Thursday, April 14, 2005

Beautiful Day in the Hood

It's a beatiful day here...

It was 64* this morning for my run, but once again I felt like crap! Hey I went to bed early after fixing myself a good dinner of grilled boneless pork chop, buttered noodles, steamed carrots and a tossed mixed green salad and one and only one glass of chardonay. I can cook!

Once again I didn't want to get out of bed. Is it depression? What do I have to be depressed about? melonoma/cancer or is it growing lypoma's like it's nothing, or is it a brain tumor or perhaps all of the above?

I went for my run anyway but was just a little late this morning, at the two mile mark I had trouble with my pace so I slowed down a bit and finished my 7 miles at a 9 min pace, ugh!

Well I live in paradise and like my mother said, before she lost her mind, you've always got your health! I think I'll go to the beach tonight to troll for sharks. I love open water swimming on the way home from work!


soccerdad said...

oh, you florida people and your weather! my parents live in ormond beach and my sister in orlando, and all i ever hear about is how nice it is... i am so jealous of that. if it was up to me (and seeing as i am married, it's not!) i would have moved down there long ago.
don't fret about the 9min pace. i've only been able to manage a 9min pace lately also. i can't explain it either.

susie said...

Hey, until you figure out what's going on, you deserve to be a little down. I DO wish my job was down south...however, I don't think I can talk the company into moving!

nancytoby said...

Dinner sounds wonderful! When are you having us all over for dinner?

Anonymous said...

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