Monday, April 11, 2005

Missing Man Formation

Sunday's ride was the missing man formation

No not that missing man formation flown by F-16s, the Sunday bike ride was missing a man, Tony! I started out on my usual route expecting to find Tony alone the way. I even went to his house when I didn't meet up with him alogn the way, but no Tony. So I back tracked to the start of my route doing it over again and goin past my house one more time. Again no Tony. So I started my usual route that goes by Tony's house yet again. No Tony.

As I pasted his house the garage door was down and there were no signs of life at 7:30 am. So I just did my normal bike ride alone. I passed the joggers and walkers. Avoided a weaving biker who couldn't ride in a straight line becuase he was going to slow. I saw the road kill on the side of the road but no Tony.

I stopped at 30 miles only becuase I was bored riding alone around the same loops that we do every day. I had forgoten my cell phone (yea I know I promised to always take a cell phone) so I didn't escape the local compound.

So today, there on the very beginning of my daily 25 mile ride was Tony! He was out yesterday riding but couldn't find me. He even went the opposite way on our route but couldn't find me. He saw the same joggers and runners, even the same road kill but he could find me! The missing man formation of bike riding.

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Run: Tues 6 thurs 6 Sat 8 Total 20 miles
Bike Mon 25 Wed 25 Fri 25 Sun 30 Total 105
Walk Sun 3 miles

Not great but it was something!