Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday Random Thots

Ok so it's just a few things that have come to my attention. Like Brennan Hawkins, the 11 year old Boy Scout who was lost in the mountains for 4 days. He walked up the mountain rather than down like searchers thought he would. Brennan was miles outside of the search grid. So how did he survive? No food no water and 11 years old. Way to go Brennan.

How about Natalee Holloway? What happened to her? To much party? Or did some one slip her a mickey? Perhaps she was sold into slavery and is now with the Sultan of Burni.

The Solar Sail probe never made it to space. The booster rock failed. So we will have to spend some more money to see if it works.

Today was a ride and swim day. I rode with Tony but we had to be careful because just after the 5 mile warm up it started to rain. So we just tried to keep a steady pace at 20 mph. At one point I was a little to careful and almost rode off the road going around a curve. The rain did make it a little cooler today. So all in all it was a good 25 mile ride.

I called the pool to see if it would be open at lunch time. Since there is no lightening it is open. So hopefully I'll get my swim in.


Alicia said...

Ooooh! I came back just in time for Wednesday Random Thots. Woohoo! That new job has really cut down on my blog reading. :)

I hope you got your swim in yesterday! You know, without getting hit by lightening and all.

Anonymous said...

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