Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He's Alive!!!!!!

Just a quick note to say I'm alive! Yes I survived my visit to Philadelphia. But I never want to see a Security and Exchange Commission Examiner again! Ugh. Above is a picture from my room in beautiful Conshohocken Pa. The Firm I worked for has offered me an outstanding job. So part of my visit has been evaluating if I want to move to the Philly area.

Training wise last week we will count as a rest week. I left home at 5:00 am only to arrived Saturday in Philly and drive straight to the office (picture above) and worked on the preparation of the examination until late in the evening. So no workout. Sunday I ran 7 miles along a portion of the Schuykill River Bike Trail. It runs from Philly to Valley Forge, 24 miles. It was cold cold cold. 29* and you know how I feel about the cold weather! I did have roadies pass me along the way and I was constantly amazed by the about of people biking the path. The rest of the day was looking at houses. Why is it I can't find a simple 3 bedroom, den with a fireplace and a deck home? Everything they showed me in my price range was a huge "executive home" with 4 bedrooms den, office, etc. Some of the master bedrooms had there own sitting rooms. I don't need huge for just me.

It was all down hill after Sunday. I worked and worked .... I did have dinner with a good friend on Monday and my youngest son Josh on Wednesday night. He is now home for good from Iraq and is now looking for a job in the computer industry. But no training. Friday I flew home exhausted and got in late.

Saturday I was tempted to sleep in but I got up at 8 am and did a 25 mile ride. I went to sunset and dinner with Tony and his wife.

The Sunday was the every popular around Estero Island ride with Tony. We added a few more miles to get it to 60 miles. It was a brutal ride into the wind much of the way. I was ready to get off my bike at the end.


Bike 85 miles
Run 7 miles
Swim Nada miles


Bolder said...

thanks for checking in.

all we want to know is if you take the job will you still blog.

and, i'm delighted to here that your son Josh has returned home for good.

nothin' but blue skies my friend.

psbowe said...

Glad to hear the trip went well and the workouts too.

Wish you much luck on the house search. Maybe you'll to lower your price range... Usually the probably is the opposite of yours.

susie said...

Now that would be a big move. But I am into big moves myself:) Philly is a great city!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes to get a smaller home with a larger price tag you have to find the oldest upscale neighborhood in the area. Newer, pricy neighborhoods are packed with McMansions, but older areas often have smaller homes here and there. Good luck.

nancytoby said...

You might be up by ME!? Well, sorta near. How cool is that???? Well, it would be COLD, actually, but you'd get used to it. Good triathlon area. Bob Mina is in the Philly area - his race reports might give you some ideas of the local scene, plus I'm sure he would be glad to answer any questions.

'Zilla said...

Oh, glad you're back! You were missed.

Great news about your son. I'm sure you are relieved.

That week's not so weak, my friend, considering the job and travel stress you had! Great job!

Fe-lady said...

Welcome back. Wow..that will be a big change if you do accept the job and move!
Northeast is very different about the size of things, esp. houses...everything is giant. While I notice that in warmer climes the houses are smaller and outdoor living areas are larger...
Glad your son is home also, safe and sound!
I still think you did very well with workouts while on a business trip...good for you!

Cliff said...


notice how sunny the waether in phili is but it si so cold. Just like in Canada. I think the sunnier it is, the colder the weather is.

Glad to hear your son came home safe and sound. Hope he can find a job in the comp industry.

Wylee said...

Did I read that right? You are moving to Philly?

Bridget said...

Welcome back. Did you decide about Philly? Great news that your son is home for good. I hope he can find a nice job.

jeff said...

welcome home!

so, yeah...spill the beans. are you going to philly?

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