Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Surgery Today

Not my tumor - but this is what they look like

Today was the day for my wide excision surgery on my latest tumor. This one was on the small of my back or lower lumbar. The first surgery removed some of the tumor two weeks ago but the surgeon did not remove all the "bad" cells...or so the pathologist said in his report. So today was another surgery to remove more of me. About the size of a Popeye Biscuit.

Dr. Lipnick - my surgeon

After the surgery Dr. Lipnick told me no strenuous exercise like golf that involves twisting or straining the lower back. Of course I told him I run, bike and swim. He said running and biking is OK! Hey that's good.No swimming, hey that's bad.

So, I'm back at work - just a little sore. Next stop the Oncologist after we get the next pathologist report in TWO WEEKS - why so long?

So I ran 2 quick miles this morning before surgery - no swimming for at least 2 weeks! ugh. But the Naples Half Marathon is coming in January so let's concentrate on that race!

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