Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Long Over Due - Not eaten by Collie

I was not eaten by Collie or shot by an angry bike shop owner! My long over due up date, for those of you who have missed my updates! I'm living in Florida once again. Fortunately I didn't sell my house so I just moved back from Pa. The weather here is more conducive to training, at least that's what I tell myself. There are no hills here only flat, flat roads.

Health wise I'm doing much better. When I went to Philly I was hoping to find some answers regarding my brain tumor only to get the same answers and treatment that I was getting in Florida. It's a sad state of affairs in healthcare so don't get sick. I recently saw my brain surgeon after a series of test and yes I do have a brain... but the good news is the tumor (actually it appears to be a cluster of tumors about the size of a tennis ball) seems to be smaller. So that's good. I have also seen my oncologist, dermatologist, my primary doc and my regular (as appose to the brain) surgeon and they all agree there are no new signs of my cancer. So that's good. I have taken the past 4 months off work and plan to look for a job beginning in January, unless something comes along that I can't pass up. So I have more time for training, so that's good.

Training has been not as good as I would like it to be. I have focused on the swim this summer and I feel that I have gotten stronger. Lately my training each week has been 3 days of Swim (12,000 yds per/week), 5 days of run ( 40 miles) and 4 days of bike (150 miles). Now that the weather is getting cooler I hope to get a long ride in on the weekends and getting a little on run miles in. I have been going to Doc's Beach House for my weakly open water swims.

Mentally have been in a funk. I'm disappointed that I couldn't get a good or should I say better treatment plan in the Philly area.


Bolder said...



Play nice with the collies and bike shop owners -- great to have you back!

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but it's so nice to see you are okay and posting again!! THANKS, I missed you!!!

nancytoby said...

Glad you're back!! WE MISSED YOU!

Cliff said...

Miss you :0.

Glad to see you are up and ok :D

susie said...

hey, he's back. sorry about the health issues, but it sounds like you've got things under control. enjoy the weather and keep us posted!

David said...

Oldman, did you know they have moving companies these days?
You must have made 174 trips to Philly to bring your stuff back on the bike since the last time we heard from you.
Welcome back!

LouBob said...

Finally! I was worried about you, glad you're back!

soccerdad said...

welcome back oldman! i'm glad you're still healthy and doing well.

Deene said...

hey! i'm glad to hear from you. I wondered what happened and it's good to know that you are ok. how is the collie and coffee drinker btw?

Comm's said...

I am so glad your back to posting. Glad your issues are getting better and that it cost you a stay in PA to figure out FL is where you belong.

I would be thrilled for your weakly totals on a regular basis.

Holly said...


You have been on my mind alot and I even tried to "google" you and now I simply know that you have raced the Naple Half Marathon more than once ... LOL

Missed you! Glad to hear your tumors are shrinking but sorry that you are so disappointed not to have found better treatment!

Enjoy your 4 month work siesta! We've missed you!

Steven said...

Welcome back, Oldman!!!

Keep it rolling...

Barkernews said...

You scared the ?*!< out of my wife and I.
Glad you're OK.
We missed you and were very concerned!

Spokane Al said...

I had wondered about you for some time and decided to check your blog today and was very glad to see that you are back.

Sorry to hear about your medical issues but am very glad that you are still living, training and blogging!

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