Thursday, October 19, 2006

Something New

The humid weather returned this morning so rather than run on the dreadmill, which I'm sure you hate as much as I do, I decided to run to the pool and back. I leave the house at 0-dark thirty and at that hour of the morning I thought better of running thru the woods.... you know panthers, bobcats and yes snakes. So it was the long way to the pool 4 miles before sunrise.

When I got to the pool the sun was just coming up giving everything that golden glow, kinda erie. So after doing the snake-walk around the pool looking for snakes that went swimming overnight it was time to hit the laps. This summer we've take 4 water moccasins out of the pool gutters. They will not hurt you unless they bite so take them out with a net!

The pool temp has now dropped from 90* to a nice comfortable 82* almost cold. So today was 7 x 20 laps (correction it was 20 laps of a 30 yard pool. the way I could laps with my watch I get confused because I have to double the laps of the watch) with 3 minute rests. As I got going once again I got hot, hot hot.... 4,200 yards.

The 4 mile run back to the house was uneventful other than the sun was up and the temp was 78*... hot!

So there you have it my "new" training. Not really a brick it's a run-swim-run...RSR?


LouBob said...

I hate snakes and wouldn't consider swimming with them even if they didn't bite. Running with them is bad enough.

Bolder said...


82! I don't even shower that warm.

Keep at it though!!!

Comm's said...

7 x 40 laps on 3 minutes rest. Did I read that right? Thats 14,000 yards if one lap equals 50 yards.

Oldman said...

Comm your right. I get confused since I use my watch to count laps 2 laps equal one lap on my watch. So when I wrote 40 it should have been 20. The pol is 30 yards not a big 50 yard like most pools soooo... my error but hey I have an excuse I don't always think straight......brain tumor.

Ziomal said...

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