Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just Another Day

Live is moving at a frantic pace! I have been extremely busy not only at work but in my personal life as well. Why is it when things happen so that your personal life gets busy your work life gets busy also to make matters worse? I have a good relationship with the Firm I work for and a flexible schedule but right now there is no flex. Here's a quick update on what is happening.


Every morning it's been phone calls to Italy. Early in the week it looked like David was going to be flown to Milan for surgery. This would have cost approx. 50,000 euros! A specialist there would take his case and do surgery on Friday. However Carolina and her father (David's wife and father-in-law) were able to locate a sports medicine surgeon. He works on football (soccer) stars and has worked on musician as well. So today is the surgery. I looked for flights but when I thought he was going to Milan I didn't book anything and because it is busy at work I feel I can't get away. I spoke with David just a few minutes ago before he went into surgery. So I just wait for news.


I have been working on a major project regarding our mutual fund. I'm changing the trust to a new trust which means a new bored of directors, back office, custodian, etc. Today is the shareholders meeting and until 5:00 pm yesterday I did have enough proxy votes to pass the change, 4% short! But after some scrambling I got it done and now have 55.6% FOR! Now its on to the actual move of the pieces. UGH! I'm also preparing for our partners meeting, which is an extremely stressful time, plus I'm finishing two audits of the Firm and the payroll failed on the 15th, not that we didn't have money in the bank our payroll company just didn't put thru the payroll then yesterday they forgot 1 employee who is going to Europe today! GASP! UGH! So it's been late nights this week.


Swimming at lunch has been out all week in favor of eating at my desk. I did get my rides in Monday (25 miles) and yesterday (17 miles) along with my runs Tuesday(4 miles) and today (4 miles). But all workouts are shortened due to time constraints due to work and phoning David, Carolina, doctors, and etc. I feel like all I do is train, work, and sleep. Hopefully this will be all over by Dec. 10th.

Signs of life after Wilma

This past weekend there were no rental cars available at Ft. Myers airport. All 9 rental car companies were out of cars. Plus the 3 rental car companies in Naples had no cars. So if your coming to Naples or Ft. Myers and need a car, check ahead there may not be anything available.


Holly said...

Hope David's surgery goes well. It sounds like you are handling your mix of work and home well since you are still able to make time for some of you workouts!

tracy said...

good grief! You do sound busy. The payroll thing brings back memories for me *cringe*... and I hope that AND David's bones get set back in place smoothly!

Oldman said...

tracy- i did solve the payroll issue forcing the payroll company to wire the money to our employee's account even though they said it couldn't be done!

holly- i try not to miss training, i might shorten things due to time but i try to do something!

Cliff said...

I hope your friend David will get better soon.

I do have the feeling of things coming all down. Good thing right now is November and is ok to have unstructure training.

Oldman said...

cliff - david is the father of my italian grandson

Susan said...

Hope the surgery goes well. Take care of yourself right now too - as you always do.

David said...

I think everybody is stressing to get things in order before the holidays hit. Let's hope we can all take a short breather next week and think of things to be thankful for.

'Zilla said...

Ugh, you have a lot going on there! Be sure to take care of yourself. :) Best to David and his surgery and recovery.

Comm's said...

I thought swim, bike, run, eat, sleep was our motto?