Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Linda of Loping LouBob fame tagged me to post my fifth sentence of my 23rd post, which was on Aug 5, 2004 titled Lunch at LBS.

He explained the fine art of degreasing the chain and relubing it.

That was back when I had a problem with my chain..... I've since had it replaced and now I'm considering a Wipperman stainless steel chain. Florida weather is murder on chains.

So whom shall I tag? Hummm everyone has had this one already so if I pick some one who has already done it forgive me. I've gotta think of five.....

CorporateMediaWhore.... live from Portland

Cliff....Looking thru the eyes of

Tales of Slow Brave Athena...... riding Pinky

Health + Fitness Blog.... funny moods

Cloudy, Chance of Showers .
....just engaged!

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Cliff said...

I didn't realize u had cancer before until I read your profile. I had a liver transplant b/c of a tumour.

Is there some connection with ppl having cancer and doing triathlon?? :)