Monday, November 07, 2005

Weakend Report

Today is my grandson's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Max. Here is a pic of Max and his brother, Justin getting ready to trick or treat. Max is of course Batman.

The weakend went by all to fast and today I woke up with a headache from my tumor so I sit in my office with the lights off. I did manage to get a 15 mile bike in today but I'm skipping swimming.

Saturday's run was uneventful I left the house just as the sun was coming up and did my long route thru the woods. The first two miles I consider warm up since it takes me that long to get loose. I then tried to maintain an even pace to my water stop at 6 miles. I was there at 50' 41. The next 6 are along the golf course and thru the woods and I guess the longing for water got me because I was at the next stop at 49'45". The final 4 included my 2 mile cool down finishing at 35'51". Not back I guess.

Some one asked what is a lania. My lania is the outdoor area of my house including a sitting area, sun deck and pool all covered by a screened cage to keep the bugs out. Here's a pic take when the kids were visiting me hence the baby furniture.

Here's another pic of the outside looking in. My lania faces due south so the pool is always in the sun but the sitting area is in the shade which is important with those sunny Florida afternoons.

Sunday I did my lsd bike with Tony down to the point (no dolphins this week kids) and back then out to Mirromar Lake and back to get our 60 miles. Once again it was windy on the way back and we had a strong head wind to contend.

In the afternoon did manage to get to the beach for a brief swim...45 minutes and a few beers at Doc's. Maybe that's why I have a headache?


Bike 135 miles
Run 30 miles
Swim 150 minutes?

Some one suggested that you keep track of workouts by time rather than mileage, so you take into account headwinds, rain, good weather and bad weather. What do you think?


Steffany said...

I think that no matter what, you give everyone an ideal to aspire to. You amaze me!

Flatman said...

You are amazing...I second Steffany!

What a good training weekend. I hope your headache gets better soon!

Cool pool.

robtherunner said...

Thanks for the pictures of the Liana I was wondering the same thing.

LouBob said...

I'm jealous! Not only of your abilities but your pool. Nice!

Mica said...

You always put down some serious mileage! Way to go. Hope your headache is feeling better.

LouBob said...

About the time verus mileage, I have a lazy streak so if I just go on time I never seem to get the mileage that I do if I hussle within a time limit!

Oldman said...

Ive been reading alot about time verses mileage. The thot is that you can't count on hils, wind, and other variables if you go by mileage.

I go by mileage because that's more the way I think and record it in my log. Even if I have a certain time alloted for my run or bike I still go by mileage to fit the time. Now swimming I go by time because I can't always tell the distance in an open water swim