Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weird Sunrise This Morning

RED SKY IN MORNING SAILORS TAKE WARNING! Was the sky every red. I tried to take a pic of it looking east but it didn't show how weird the sky looked. But it was a warning as the old saying warns.

I started out on my morning run with that warning in mind but looking east it did look like rain just some clouds. Today's schedule called for an easy seven miles thru the woods with a stop half way at the fitness center for water.

The first 2 miles were uneventful just trying to relax and not push. Then at the 3 mile mark I entered the path that goes along the river and thru the woods (but not to grandmother's house). Then the lightening alarms on the golf course went off with a LOUD BLAST that caused me to jump even with my MP3 player playing Garth Brooks.

As I exited the woods to the fitness center I wondered if I could get hit by lightening. I have rubber soles on my shoes so I'm not grounded. Then the lightening and rain started. Red sky remember? The last 4 miles I picked up the pace just to get home out of the lightening and rain. My time on the clock was 52'34".

I was hoping to swim at lunch today but it's raining so the pool is closed (outdoor pools in SW Florida) but the good news is a got a nice bonus check ($5,000) for finishing a project so I think I'll go to the bank to cash my check!


nancytoby said...

Jeez, too bad you don't live closer, or I'd say the first round of drinks is on YOU!

bunnygirl said...

I've always figured if there are things taller than me around, the lightning will hit there first. But then, according to an article I read, women don't get hit by lightning as often as men. So it's a good thing you're cautious!

Iron Benny said...

A friend of a friend was sleeping in the woods, and a nearby tree was struck by lightning. The electricity traveled through the roots, one of which was exposed under the tent. The electricity traveld through the zipper of the sleeping bag and burned him from head to toe.

My biddy told me this story, but it could be an urban legend. Not sure, but a sweet story none the less.

Susan said...

I'm with Nancy - I wish we were closer.

Lighting, yikes - be careful. Any collie/coffee sightings lately?

tri-mama said...

I just like that you were listening to Garth. Funny how lightening can get you moving a little faster.

Anonymous said...

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