Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Date Application

Tri-mama suggested that I develop an application to give to my friends for use with prospective blind dates. My friends feel it necessary to find a suitable woman for me. They feel it's not natural for a 50's something guy to live alone. Hey even my docs tell me I shouldn't live alone. But I have my training schedule that usually gets in the way of dating and I just broke off a long-tern once engaged relationship, I did however get the ring back and I'm thinking about using it to buy a new car. But I digress!

Ok so Oldman's Date Application...this way my friends could have the "prospect" fill out Oldman's Date Application, I could review it and give a YEA or nay. This would solve any disappointment on the "prospects" part and save me time and emotional energy. It would allow me to set standards of care early, my care and standards. Yes it is all about the bike, the run and the swim!

So here are a few quick thots:

1. Which do your prefer? Wine, beer or gaterade or all three while sitting in the hot tub after a long (50 miles plus) bike ride?

2. After a long run of 12 miles or more do you prefer A. hot shower B. massage or C. cold beer followed by a quick 1 mile open water swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

3. What movie would you prefer to see during a quiet evening? A. Chariots of Fire B. 2004 Tour de France Special Edition (5 hours) C. Breaking Away D. Ironman Kona 2004 (NBC Special)

4. Include a picture of your bike. Extra points for a tri-bike. Extra Extra Points for a pic of you holding a tri-bike over your head while wearing a two piece tri-suit.

5. What's more important? A. Setting a PR in a triathlon? B. Setting a PR during a training run? C. Qualifying for Kona? D. All of the above.

Ok give me your suggestions for Oldman's Date Application.


Today was an easy recovery run and a swim at lunch. I might stop at the gym for some weights and then a pizza for dinner (veggie pizza it's Tuesday and I'm Buddhist on Tuesdays).


Cliff said...

Strange, my friends feel the same about me as well. And I am twice as young as you. It seems that if a person is single, he/she is not consider normal nor happy.

A lot of discussion as to why am I single and what am I looking for. I came to the conclusion that the potential female must at least run a marathon. Now that's attractive :)

LouBob said...

What! You don't have ANY domestic challenges??

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a date or a female version of Tony? Why do you need two Tonies?

Comm's said...

additional questions

1--List your sponsors: note a merging between us precludes any previous sugar daddys as a sponsor but any drink, energy or gear sponsor, especially bike gear sponsors are preferred and must be kept.

2--Race schedule for the next 12 months, please list your placement within your real age group, not age group you listed.

nancytoby said...

All I can say is thank heavens I don't have to date any more. :-)

Mica said...

Looks like your dating pool is pretty small! Think of it this way, if you don't date a triathlete - you have someone to crew for you!

Holly said...

Your forgot to ask for a list of transition times ....

1 -- List your average transition times for the following activies: a.) Swim to Bike
b.) Bike to Run
c.) Finish Line to Beer
d.) Beer to Recovery Nap