Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Terrific Tuesday

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am for a nature call and to my amazement my headache was gone. It hung on for a couple of days so I'm always happy that I don't have to take any more aspirin. When I went outside to check the temp I found that a cool front had gone thru over night and the temp was now down to 68*, almost cold.

Today was a light easy run thru the woods and I decided that's exactly what I would do and not push myself. Once again I am amazed at how long it takes me to get loose. Even though I go thru a stretching routine prior to running it still takes about 2 miles before I feel "loose". That's just about when I'm passing my house and since I feel good at that point I continue on. My Timex Ironman watch broke so I don't know my pace or heartrate. When I went past Coffee Drinker and Collies house the garage door was open so I was on the look out for them but alas...no sightings!

I stopped at the five mile mark to get some water from one of the golf course "potty-houses", they have an ice machine and cold water along with cups at each potty house. I friend from the community stopped to tell me that some people were complaining about my bike riding that I was going to fast. He asked them how fast was I going and they replied 30 mph. Kewl I didn't know I was that fast! The last two miles was just a cool down mode just loping along and enjoying the cool breeze and the nice weather.

When I got to work today I realized I forgot my lunch/snack bag so my lunch time swim may be cut short so I can grab something to eat.


Deene said...

have a great day!

David said...

Good to hear the headache died and the sun came up to deliver another beauty on the west coast. Sounds like you can chalk up another one that fits in the "lucky to live here" category.
We had a lot of misty fog this morning but I could still go without the shirt. It's that warm.

tracy said...

damn tumor. i curse your tumor.

Susan said...

I'm glad your headache is gone - any chance of kidnapping collie next time the garage door is open?

Cliff said...

30 mph. That's some nice speedwork.

nancytoby said...

You lie like a rug. I want to see you average 30 mph in your next event. :-)