Friday, November 04, 2005

Beautiful Day

OK I had to mention it! It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here today. The air temp is just right 81* and the water temp in the Gulf is 80*. It's cool enough to swim without over heating and warm enough to feel good.

The pic above is the beach down the street from my office (8th Street Naples). Not many people at the beach today, just a few sunbathers trying to get melanoma. I swam for 45 minutes. (Hey it's lunch hour) I then rinsed off in the cold water at the beach crossing. Wow that was cold! It was great to swim without a lot of people around.

This morning I did my regular 25 mile ride. It was cool and I felt good. One the straight-a-way I did 28.5 mph...just can't get to 30 mph!


That's right boys and girls as I was coming up Tony's street on my first loop, Coffee Drinker was walking Collie and yes he was drinking a cup of coffee but they were walking up his driveway and not in the street (ratz). Collie turned and looked longingly in my direction. I offered a "Good Morning" in the most cheerful voice I could muster to which I got a glaring look from Coffee Drinker. HUMMMM I wonder why?

Weakend Agenda

Tonight I'm going to the club for drinks but with a couple and I've made it plain not to set me up with any one (thing). I'm not really interested.

Tomorrow is the 16 miler LSD followed by some pool cleaning and washing the liana. I'm grilling some lamb and having my neighbors over for dinner.

Sunday is of course the LSD Bike. I have a 60 mile bike is on the schedule and hopefully down to Doc's in the afternoon for another swim in the Gulf at Bonita Beach.

Have a greak weakend everyone. Good luck to those at PCB doing IMFL and those at NYC doing the ING Marathon.


jeff said...

got a friend that i met at the soka university track that is running imf this weekend. his name is larry, so say hi to him for me. =)

Comm's said...

i love your training oldman. you motivate me.

nancytoby said...

Aww, I wanted to see how your Oldman Date Application went over ...

That sounds like some good training!!

TriFeist said...

And that, my friend, is why we live in Florida.

Mica said...

I'm so jealous of your training conditions!!!

What is a liana?

Susan said...

How did the 16 miles go?

Deene said...

Dang! I was looking forward to a spilled coffee story today. the nerve of him to get off the street before you came along!