Friday, October 28, 2005

Late Breaking Update

Ok it's late in the day on a Friday afternoon, almost time to go home so I thought I'd do a quick update.

---- we now have indoor plumbing in our building, no more trips to the parking garage.

---- curfew of 9:00 pm to 6:00 am has been lifted, so I can stay out late tonight or run early, pick one.

---- the traffic lights are still broken, I came a different way to work but got stuck in traffic. 1 hr 20 min to go 16 miles.

---- it's warming up again, the temp today was 82*, so much for fall.

Tony and I did our usual 25 mile ride this morning. I decided to push a little harder today and take the lead in aero position as much as possible and not to let the speedometer go below 20 mph. Fortunately I had Tony gasping for breath today. On the straight-a-way I could only get to 28 mph. I'm convinced I just can't get the turnover fast enough, at a cadence of 100 rpms I change gears and then in a few moments I'm out of breath. Perhaps it has to do with the big muscles calling for to much oxygen?

Tonight some neighbors are gathering at the country club for cocktails (the feathers get caught in my teeth) and I think they are trying to introduce me to a single lady that moved into a different section of our community...just show me a picture of her bike and I'll decide then if I want to ask her out.

Tomorrow is the LSD run with 16 miles on the schedule. I think it's going to be a cool morning. I want to get to the beach in the afternoon. I haven't been down there since Wilma so I want to see it there is any damage and I want to get a swim in and maybe lunch and beer at Doc's boat House.

Sunday will be the LSD bike with Tony. 75 miles is on the schedule and then I'm taking the afternoon to play a little golf. No I'm not riding in a cart, I'm going to walk 9 may 18 holes. Sunday nite I'm having some folks over for wine and snacks on the liana... a chance to mingle with the gang.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Comm's said...

"just show me a picture of her bike and I'll decide then if I want to ask her out."

Sounds like Montana, where a mans a man and wifes a fishing boat

jeff said...

show me a picture of her bike...classic!

robtherunner said...

Running,Biking,Golfing,Women,Beer, and you are close to the beach, what else could you possibly need in life?

tracy said...

My dad is just happy that the guy I'm dating runs Linux on his machines at home. "Um, show me his operating system, and I'll decide if I want to ask him out"

By the way, LSD makes for a really bad run. You end up on the other side of the state at some rooftop party where everyone is dressed in orange. Feathers in your teeth, and someone's shoe in your pocket. Weird stuff. Pre-load with carbs instead.

Cliff said...

You know you are not checking her out but her bike out :). I do that too when a female biker ride by. I spent more time checking what she is riding than what she is wearing :).

Glad the curfew is up and you can go early training again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried about the collie. I hope you get to scare the coffee drinker soon so I'll know the collie is okay.

Susan said...

Hee - my husband almost didn't date me because I didn't own a bike. A cannondale was my first anniversary gift!