Monday, October 10, 2005

Weakened Update

So this was suppose to be a great training weakend, it didn't turn out that way!

By the time I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 it was already 81* and high humidity, so Saturday was off to a poor start. I filed both of my fuel belt bottles but I left them in the beer frig in the garage while I did my first section. As I completed my warm up 4 miles, I realized I need to take my bottles with me. So at the four mile mark I stopped at the house and donned my fuel belt.

As I left my house for the second time, I decide to stick with LSD not trying to set any PR's just get-her-done! At seven miles I stopped to refill one of the bottles and noticed my right calf felt twitchy. At the ten mile mark I put some ice on it and added ice to my hat. Unfortunately the 13 miles mark goes dangerously close to my house so...yup I quite at 14 miles. When I got home I quickly showered at my pool shower to rinse the salt and sweat before jumping in the pool, it was then my right leg had a minor cramp!

Sunday was a little cooler so when Tony and I started out on our ride my leg felt fine. We did a loop in our community before going out to test my calf. Everything seemed fine so we headed down to Coconut Point. As we passed the high school they were just finishing up a 10K race and we saw the BOP'ers finishing.

At Coconut Point we usually watch for dolphins, but it started to rain. So we quickly at our Clif Bars and headed out the rain. Fortunately it was just a brief downpour but it was just enough to get us wet. By the time we got to the HWY intersection the sun was out! From then on it was our usually ride taking turns pulling until we got to our community's back gate. By then I was pretty tired so we quit at 57 miles.

Weakly Totals

Run 29 miles
Bike 115 miles
Swim 6,000 yards

Todays 25 mile ride I felt that small twichy feeling in my calf, like before you get a cramp. But unlike Saturday, I did get a cramps, it just feels twitchy. I'm going to eat a couple of banana's and push the salt to see if that helps.


Mica said...

14 mile run and 57 mile bike - that doesn't sound weak to me! Hope the bananas help.

Deene said...

I like that Toby Keith video, it's a catcy tune. Take it easy.

Flatman said...

Still a very productive weekend! Nice job.

april anne said...

I hope the bananas and salt help. ~ Thanks for your well wishes. When I was up at 3:30 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep the night before the race, I started reading the verses you put in the comment on my blog. Thank You!

tri-mama said...

With that kind of mileage I sincerely hope that's a typo in weakened and week end. Sounds like a great ride,, especially the part about the dolphins, even when you don't see them.

LouBob said...

Is this kinda like
TRI weekly!
Try weekly.
Try weakly?

Comm's said...

again I love the totals.

David said...

You don't have any aversion to piling it on do you?

Anonymous said...

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