Monday, December 19, 2005

Eagles and it's not a fluke!

Sunday's ride with Tony was awesome! Several weeks ago during our ride thru Raptor Bay and Coconut Plantaion (Hyatt's golf course and time share developement) we discovered a HUGE nest. It is in a large tall pine tree and is as big as the top of a VW bug roof. Since we went to the airport last week we didn't get to see the nest. However this week when we passed the nest there were two bald eagles sitting in it! Awesome! We watched as one eagle got out of the nest and sat on a branch looking down the golf course from his lofty pearch. I guess he was looking for breakfast! I went back later with my camera but the nest is just to far to get a good shot without a telephoto lens. I'm hoping when the eggs hatch I'll get to see the babies.

Today's ride proved that the 31.5 mph record breaking ride was not a fluke, we did 30.5 miles down the straight-a-way. Can 35 mph be in the near future?


Susan said...

Wow - it doesn't get more inspirational than eagles. That is COOL.

nancytoby said...

And now you're soaring with the eagles! woooo hoooo!

Iron Benny said...

If you didn't live in "flat as a pancake" florida, you'd hit 45 no problem. That is pretty sweet about the eagles. The bald eagle is a true Endangered Species Act success story.

Cliff said...

What kind of food do they feed u in florida??

That's some crazy speed you are talking about :)...great..

It is great to see eagle. Especially the Bald Eagles.

Anonymous said...

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