Monday, December 12, 2005

Weakend Report

This weakend I...

sent my italian grandson Christmas presents via fedex international.
went to the club friday nite for cocktails, didn't get any feathers caught in my teeth, saw some friends, drank some guinness, had a blackened grouper salad
got up early saturday ran my 17 mile loop to the college and back.
went Christmas shopping for my grandsons.
cook chicken marsala and rissoto mileanse for diner with J.
J and I went christmas carroling with neighbors
drank some very nice chardonnay.
drank some very very very nice tequila.
drank some good single malt scotch.
got up early sunday, temp 62*, rode with tony 65 miles with an aver pace of 19.7, can't break 20 mph ave. rode to the new airport up the departing flights ramp (a HILL) did we get strange looks from the departing passengers!
lazed around the pool for lunch, had some eggs, was suppose to swim but ran out of time
went to the living Christmas tree at church in the afternoon
made myself some turkey soup
fell asleep at 8:30

weakly totals

run - 24 miles
bike - 135 miles
swim - 2,000 yards


Susan said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me!

Bolder said...

outstanding weekend! outstanding weekly totals!! keep it up.

i was salivating just thinking about a fresh blackened grouper salad...

susie said...

very, very, very good food and drink. mmmmmmmm.

nancytoby said...

You *are* living the good life!!!!