Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Virus Continues!

I woke up a half hour before the alarm went off. Even though I fell asleep on the sofa watching Martha Stewart's Apprentice (what's with her robot daughter? can she speak more then one word sentences?) I did not feel rested. So, this morning was slightly warmer than yesterday morning so I decided on my running shorts with a long sleeve t-shirt, but what I did not count on was my stomach again. UGH...two trips to the bathroom before I left the house for my run. Today's schedule is the now infamous tennis ball fartlek run but I place emphasis on the FART part of the run. Then my stomach pain started. I wondered if I was going to keep my fresh Florida OJ down (Raymond James sent us a case of fresh Florida oranges which I used for juice, everyone got a tray of oranges). I had planned on going thru the woods for 7 miles but at the 2 mile mark I knew I better start heading towards the house. It's interesting how distress can cause you to pick up the pace. I got home, 4.5 miles total, (32'43") just in the nick of time!

I went to the pool at lunch time. My stomach still feels odd. I did 2x100, 100 kick and 100 easy as my warm up then I worked on my balance drills (yes Cliff I do balance drills too) then I did 15x100 and a cool down of 2x100. Then I had to make a quick pit stop! UGH will this virus ever go away?

When I got back to the office I ate my turkey wrap and again I feel yucky. Tonight I plan on stopping at our community fitness center to do a light wait workout (you have to wait your turn for the machine or for the weights).

Thanks for all the well wishes....I'm doing the same job just getting a new title and a little more money and larger bonuses... what I really want is more time to train.


Holly said...

Feel better soon!

nancytoby said...

Glad you made it!! :-)

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