Monday, December 12, 2005

Not a good Monday

Last week I hired a new I had to let him go! He just could not get things right. He had all the qualifications. He had good previous job experience but he was just awful. How did he get this far?

To top it off, I didn't get to swim today.... and it's a little to cold to go to the pool tonight (65*). Hey it's an open air pool. UGH I hate bad Mondays!

I think I'm going to go home fix a fire in the ourdoor fireplace, roast some hotdogs and drink some beer.


Shelley said...

I told you I would marry you if I wasn't already...LOL :-)) Quit rubbing in how warm it is down there..sheeshhh!!!

Iron Benny said...

A cold beer will always fix a bad Monday. Better wear some mittens there Old Man. Could get down to 59 tonight. Wouldn't want anyone getting uncomfortable out there. I have an idea. Go into Tuesday, and plan on making it the best Tuesday ever. That should take care of any crappy Monday feelings. Take care Old One.

christine said...

YUM, beers and weiners near a toasty fire nice end to a bad day.

Cliff said...

Yeah, get them in quick and get them out quicker if they are not the right people. That's my strategy too.

Comm's said...

When I hired someone I used to keep a ten spot in my pocket and would put them at the front desk of my gym to see how they faired with the members. If after an hour, sometimes much sooner, if they didn't have IT, I would give them the $10 and tell "Have a nice day"

Saved my administrator a lot of paperwork.

Anonymous said...

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