Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Yes folks it has been a few days that we have seen Coffee Drinker and Collie, but alas they have been spotted toady and are alive and well. You might remember Coffee Drinker walks Collie on a long leash in the middle of the road while drinking his morning cup of java. Tony and I have made it a game to try to get Coffee Drinker to spills his coffee. Our spilling average is .333. Pretty good average.

Today was like most summer mornings in Southwest Florida. The air was heavy laden with moisture. The temp was 79*. The sun was just making it's appearance in the cloudless sky. The birds were just beginning their morning song. The day had all the promises of a wonderful summer morn!

Tony met me as usual at my home. I had just finished putting air in my tires for the days ride. As we started off we both commented on what a humid but nice summer morn it was, little did we know what lay ahead of us.

We started our ride as usual, just warming up riding at 17 mph for the first 3 miles, riding side by side. No one was around at that hour. Most people in our community are still asleep. We increased our speed and took our usual turns pulling each other. As we pass Coffee Drinkers house on our first loop, there we no signs of life. Not even a light in the window. Tony was pulling as we went by so I could look. As usual we switched and I pulled until the great straight-a-way where Tony passes me to attempt 30 mph...but to no avail today 28.8 mph. We now work our way back thru our first loop and begin our second loop. Now warmed up we are doing 22-24 mph on the straights but slow for turns and stop signs (no we don't stop, there is no one around).

For some reason we got out of our usual pulling routine mixed up and Tony was pulling up the street toward Coffee Drinkers. Usually he pulls on the first loop, I on the second, when as we round the bend in the road who do we spy? None other than Coffee Drinker and Collie in the middle of the road. Tony on his Trek Madone is more agile then me on my Roo at 23 mph gracefully goes into the oncoming traffic lane and I brake and follow falling off his wheel. Collie goes nuts and barks as we pass. AH but there is more!

This street is a cul-de-sac so we must turn around and pass Coffee Drinker and Collie again. Another chance! As we come back towards the duo I notice that Coffee Drinker with cup in one hand and baggie in the other has his foot on Collie's leash while trying to pick-up Collie's doggie poop ( we have a strict rule in the community that dog owners must clean up their dogs poo... good rule). As we pass Collie again Collie goes nuts, tugs on the lease Coffee Drinker in mid poopy pick up moves and drops poopy as Collie starts after us and...... SPILLS HIS COFFEE! Amid the barking we hear DAMN! Was it Coffee or Poop?

So there you have it gentle readers. Just another ride of 25 miles at and average speed of 18.7 mph and one spilled coffee!


Flatman said... guys are getting good!

tracy said...

I love it! Was it coffee, poop or BOTH! Oh, the potential here is invigorating! This makes me want to regularly upset someone in the mornings just for the suspense and drama.

No telling what you'll report next. Mayhem and the ensuing Collie Mutton. Or a lovely COllie stew. Perhaps a kabob? Mmm... Collie pot pie.

Oldman said...

collie pate perhaps Tracy... i don't set out to harress coffee drinker and collie it just happens...kinda sorta

Comm's said...

thats a great story.

Lara said...

God I wish someone was filming this!

Susan said...

Ah, the simple pleasures in life:)

nancytoby said...

This is becoming beautiful to watch. Like a ballet.

Shelley said...

Bwahahahahaaa, thanks for the update..a poopy one at that!! :-))

runr53 said...

Man, must be something common among the 50ish crowd 'cause I am fond of startling folks too, but the Nephew thinks I should "be nice" while out exercising, hehe ROGLMAO!! Thanks!

Deene said...

I'm enjoying your collie stories. poor guy he probably scooped it barehanded. You need to start a comic strip.