Monday, August 08, 2005

This Weak in Review

So it wasn't the best week of training. My back still gives me little spasms to let me know I still have a pain in my back! It's also been hot highs about 93* most days with the usual afternoon thunderstorm. This weekend I ran at the fitness center just to get into some cooler air. Sunday's ride was hot, hot, and hot. When we stoped at the golf course bathroom/waterhole to fill our bottles a golfer being smart looked at us and said you guy ride 50 miles or something? Nope I said just coming up on 41 miles at a 19.1 mph pace... he was shocked thinking we just went a few miles. So we finished out at 50 miles.

Weakly totals

Bike .....125 miles
Run......19 miles
Swim.... 2,200 yards
No Plilates/Weights