Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Remember the old days....

... when men were real men and women were women? Well my Ironman watch that controls my heartrate monitor, speed and distance and my training life needs a battery. So today I ran my 7 mile run thru the woods without my watch, just like the olden days when people ran without heart rate monitors. It was fun but I feel like I was blind... no time.

It was just like back in the old days ...1978 when I trained with Earl to run the Penn Relays Marathon. We just ran... 20 mile training runs on Sat... total 70 miles a week for 12 weeks...hey I lost a lot of weight...at work people asked me if I was sick.... Now I can't run without watch, heart rate monitor, speed and distance, MP3 player, hat, sun glasses, fuel belt, and a cliff shot or two, or three.... I didn't even have running shorts or a singlet...nope cotton shorts, underwear, cotton t-shirt....and the old Brooks Vantage Supreme shoes.

Earl and I ran in all kinds of weather rain, heat, snow and cool weather. I remember having ice form in my cotton skull cap and slipping and sliding on the ice. Earl was knocked down by a St. Bernard that couldn't stop on the ice and slid into Earl.

The first time I wore a pair of racing shorts and singlet was for the Penn Relays Marathon. It's the oldest track and field games in the US put on by the University of Pennsylvania at old Franklin Field. But the Marathon was Sunday before the opening of the games at Fairmont Park in Philly.

It was the first time I experienced leg cramps... at the 22 mile mark..I guess they call it hitting the wall. A friend of my Larry jumped in the race to pace me to the finish at the 20 mile mark... I cramped and started walking... they ran out of water on the course...no gatorade back then... Larry would say "Look at the old guy ahead, or the girl ahead...ARE YOU GOING TO LET THEM BEAT YOU?" Larry was a Navy pilot waco.

Maybe I'll look for some cotton shorts, I got some cotton tees, and not get my watch fixed!



Flatman said...

I'm with you...I'm taking advantage of all the technology I can get my hands on!!!

tracy said...

why suffer without them when you can suffer with them instead??

Wil said...

LOL - "...a navy pilot waco..." that's going to crack me up all night ;)

bunnygirl said...

I don't like to use a whole lot of gadgets-- I end up focusing on the numbers and the time seems to just crawl.

I use my HRM and GPS for baseline info only. And during the worst of the summer, like now, I often skip the watch as well. In Gulf Coast heat and humidity, July and August run times aren't measuring reality, anyway.

Enjoy going low-tech for awhile! It's very liberating!

Comm's said...

partner I am with you. I wear more crazy stuff when I train than when I work. It's bad enough not knowing where my damn wallet is but before I go for run I have to all that stuff you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

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