Thursday, August 04, 2005

WARNING Rant Ahead!

Ok you were warned!

I had a business meeting and lunch across town yesterday. The guy I met with was my age or younger but GROSSLY overweight, by about 200 lbs.! The first thing he said when we met was where do you want to go to lunch? I'd like to go swim but if I can get something that fits my diet I'll go with you... DIET! whats that? he says. But hey I guess each to his own. If you want to eat yourself to death be my guest.

So after lunch I swing by the LBS (Local Bike Shop where I bought my bike 2 years ago, have it services and regularly buy stuff). OK I'm looking to spend some of my bonus you know jersey, shorts, helmet, etc. So I'm greeted by a Hispanic guy who says I'll be with you in a moment...he's talking spanish to a guy try to explain why he needs to buy a carbon fiber Trek and the guy has no F'ing clue what a carbon fiber bike is and prob doesn't need a carbon fiber bike....

So I walk past the beach cruisers... surprised one has gears... and the guy says I can give you a great deal on one of those... I can't contain myself and say DO I LOOK LIKE I RIDE A BEACH CRUISER? and the guy says YES!!!!! WTF? Hey I know I'm old but a beach cruiser?

So I wonder around look at jersey...none my size (GRANDE). I look at shorts none my size (GRANDE). Ok finally the guy comes over to me what can I help you with? I need tubes...presta vales, medium stem with the locking nut please...700cc x 18-24. DUH... the guy looks can't fine them. Looks around some more, can't fined them...then comes up with Schrader valves...nope I need preseta.... don't have them... where's the owner? I asked...Out sick is his reply.

OK one last try... I have Speedplay's that the bushing has come out. do you had a re-build kit for the Speedplays? DUH>>>> You'll have to come back Friday and ask Clint! I didn't even want to ask if I could get my rim trued...

So I drove back to my office and stopped at a competing chain bike shop... 2 tubes, CO2 canisters and check their jerseys, shorts and helmets...NADA. So I called it a day.... now it's surf the web time and forget supporting local businesses.


This morning my timex Ironman watch died...I guess it needs a battery. So I ran blind. But due to my back issues I just did a light 3 mile it was humid. I'm going to swim at lunch.


Shelley said...

How frustrating eh???? Well it's nice to see you have such a great sense of humor...:-))
I like the pics on your site too!!!

Chris said...

I amazed at some of these guys that work at these local shops. When you have a customer that walks in and knows more about the product and prices on the shelves that the employees working there do, something is seriously wrong!

Comm's said...

I think there are great deals online and if I could find a great surplus of CO2 and tubes I would probably stock up. But I still support my LBS. He's a great guy.

But you can't beat inventory from online. They always have your size.

nancytoby said...

Hmm, maybe time to send an email or letter to the owner of the LBS? Obviously he hires idiots!

tracy said...

so what did you end up doing for lunch???

Clare said...

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