Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend Update

O what a weekend!

It was a beautiful weekend which started early for me...FRIDAY! Yes I was off Friday so I was able to get a great ride early in the morning. Tony joined me for a good ride of 35 miles. I did spin in the small ring and then change to the big ring. I did some laps in the pool at lunch even though it wasn't on the schedule I felt a little pool time might be fun... I worked on balance least favorite drill. Friday night I went to the Ritz Carlton beach bar for drinks and I took J to the Pazzo for dinner.

Saturday I slept past 6:30 and didn't get out for my run until 7 am! It was already hot, 78* and sunny sooooo...Thank God for fuel belt. I took 2 bottles and started slow and easy. After all it was suppose to be LSD. Once again it took two miles to feel loose. I did 8:30 pace and drank Endurance every mile. It was so hot, I had to keep reminding myself about the pool shower waiting for me at home. I finished up the 14 miles in 2:10 that's with my stop to refill the bottles at the Fitness center. Since I didn't want to be shark bait I went to the beach at 4:00 thinking the sharks would want to feed later. I did the usual 1 hr swim, down to the end of the State Park swim area and back to the No Wake buoy at Docs.

Sunday was the long ride day. Tony and I escaped our regular route to go out on the local roads. It felt good to be able to just go along without slowing for curves and stops I tried to maintain 21 mph. The route we take only has three turns and one stop for 12 miles.. at the 30 miles mark we stopped at the ester Bay boat lunch and had our Cliff bars..then rode back to the college, around the loop and back home. Water is now becoming a problem since the college pool where we fill our water bottles is closed on Sundays. The total for our trip was 61.2 miles.

Weakly Totals

Bike 146
Run 35
Swim 12k plus 1 hr open water


jeff said...

lots of time out and about this past weekend!

hey, you poke fun at ME for creating 'danger zones' when you're out swiming with the sharks?!

hypocrite! =)

Oldman said...

no real sharks they are not around yet and they don't feed until an hour before sunset!

Chris said...

That's some nice volume for the week. What's your "A" race(s) this year?

Alicia said...

I thought of you this weekend. I was out biking in 90 degree weather and it was humid as all get out. I don't know how you do it down there in Florida!

Sounds like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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