Tuesday, May 17, 2005

School Night Party

OK I don't usually do it but I'm making an exception just this once and I'll only drink red wine or beer and made some tequila or whiskey.....

Yup my neighbor from Iceland, that would make him Icelandic and his wife from Chile, that would make her Chilean, are having some friends over for a dinner party. The friends are on vacation from Germany that would make them germanium. They have also invited a couple from down the block she's from Brazil, or Brazilian and he's from Britain, a Britainian! At least there will be some one there that speaks English...I can't even practice my Italian!

so Icelandic, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English....The Tower of Babel all over again. I'm confused!

I kinda don't want to go, I'd rather go to the pool.

This is the last year that the Germans will be allowed into our country unless the German government changes their passports to accept the new required barcode. So I guess we can celebrate?


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