Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Report

The weather was great on Saturday as I left for my long run. It wasn't to hot just about 70* and just a little overcast so it made the 14 miles go rather quickly. I did see some great wildlife including a reddish color snake coiled in the gutter, a golpher tortoise and a couple of rabbits.

Sunday morning just as I got ready to ride Roo it started to drizzle. I don't mind the light rain but I do have to be careful on the paver sections of our development and one turnaround were it is all pavers. Boy are those thing slippery when wet. Just as I finished my warm up Tony and Dr. Steve jumped in to make it a rather fast ride. Half way through the first loop it really started to rain so an aver of 18.6 mph in a downpour is not to bad. On the second loop it stopped raining and I thought the sun would come out but then on the third loop it poured again, ugh! So our long ride ended up a short ride of 35 miles since no one wanted to go on in the rain.

This Weaks Totals

Bike 110 miles
Run 26 miles
Swim 9,000 yards
Pilates 1 time
Weights 1 time

I didn't get to ride this morning since I had a Doc's appointment. I hope to ride after work and swim at lunch but we shall see how that all works out.

My brain surgeon wants another MRI to see how much if any my tumor has grown and he wants me to see an eye doc who specializes in these things, especially since I have a little blurred vision in my left eye. The oncologist want to keep my treatment plan as is so we shall see how that all plays out. Next week I get to see the my dermatologist to check for any new or changing moles and I also get to see my surgeon regarding a new tumor on my back. When will all these trips to the doctors stop?


Comm's said...

Wow, great totals. I feel insignificant compared to that this last week.

I hope that everything goes good at the good docs office. dont forget to ask for candy and goose the nurse.

susie said...

I can't imagine 14 miles going quickly! Yup, good luck with the docs' appointments.

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